Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Week In.

So class is on semi-hiatus while some tweaking is being done on the forum so that everything is in one place rather than partially on the forum and the main Uncooking website. And honestly I'm in withdrawal. It's been rather nice having a small audience that gets it. So far everywhere else has been a mixture of readers.

Meanwhile I've been  !cooking the recipes from the class, mainly to have something new to eat. I mean, I love green smoothies, but dayum I've been in a rut!  Tonight I made the Pesto Pasta, (Mr. Man was quite happy with it, said it was worthy of taking to family gatherings. dude.) and I started working on personalizing a raw chili. I'm really pleased with the texture of the chili, though it'll need some added water tomorrow as it's very thick right now, but the texture is pretty good. No idea how to go about warming it without a dehydrator.

I'll buy myself a dehydrator one of these days. Just need to make the cash. This is one reason I've been playing around on Was trying to install the widget, not sure if it worked. But that being said, #Swagbucks can be cashed out for gift cards at Amazon. They sell Excaliber dehydrators on Amazon. I think it'd be really funny to say I earned my dehydrator playing video games and taking online surveys and using their search engine. I've also made some pennies at and using the Field Agent app on my phone. I've made the most with the FA app, but then I've also logged some miles in my car doing so. What this app does is gives you a listing of jobs, that usually involve taking a photo of a product display and answering questions about the product, display or price. Once the job is received and ok'd you get paid. I made over 50 dollars using this app. Took a couple of months. Jobs were erratic, and sometimes involve sitting on top of the app if one has another agent in the neighborhood. Things are better now as they've tweaked the code. My favorite was taking a photo of the perfume cabinet at Wallyworld. The one I took was hanging open with product caddy-wompus and other objects in the display. SOMEONE caught some grief on -that- one. It was most satisfying. Seeing the amount of money increase in my paypal is also satisfying. It gives me a rush.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, while decluttering and scouring the kitchen, I knocked a small cast iron skillet off the counter...and onto my foot. It hit on the foot just behind the little toe joint. My husband looked at me and said 'What IS it about you and your feet?' I've had several really weird accidents involving my feet its true. Not nearly as strange as when I picked up a towel off a chest of drawers to find that's where He-who-shall-not-be-named had left a Phillips head screwdriver laying on the towel. The thing plummeted down driving the point into my foot, luckily landing between the first and second metatarsals. That was unpleasant to say the least. As for small cast iron skillets, well...that's gonna leave a mark I reckon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Class Day.

If I thought I was excited about my Uncooking101 Teacher's class before, it's nothing like how I feel now. Eva is a marvelous teacher and is very good at communicating her excitement and she has a great gift at communicating her concern, I guess this is what she means by Connecting From The Heart.  I seriously believe this next month will be life changing. I'm so excited!!!